Hendricksens in China 2018
A Few Pictures from Home
Here are a few Pictures of Life in Canada from the past few years.
  1. Pictures from Canada
    Pictures from Canada
    A few pictures from the past couple of years in Canada.
  2. Go Esks
    Go Esks
    One of our pastimes is cheering on the Edmonton Eskimos.
  3. Campfire
    Ringing in the New Year with a campfire.
  4. Mom and Ava
    Mom and Ava
    Summer Selfie
  5. Taste of Edmonton
    Taste of Edmonton
    Who wants waffles?
  6. Daphne Helping
    Daphne Helping
    I was helping dad dig holes, he wasn't as excited as me.
  7. Camping
    A hike in Switzer park.
  8. Sunset
    The sun sets over the North Saskatchewan river and over the Groat Road Bridge.
  9. Ice Castle
    Ice Castle
    A trip with grandma to the Ice Castle in Edmonton.
  10. Relaxing
    Floating on the Alligator.
  11. Swimming
    Cool dip in the lake.
  12. Friends
    A few of my China Sisters/brothers.
  13. Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home
    Our newly renovated from yard.